The Global Student Study Tours have specifically been created for international students whose goal is to attend American universities.  Tour will spend time on English language skills, school visits and sightseeing. The focus is to expose international students to the educational environment in the California.


Most mornings will start with a 3 hour English class.  These classes will cover a variety subjects such as grammar, vocabulary, conversational English, Toefl and college entrance tests.

Participants will also spend time in American high school classes.  This will help the students get a feel for American education and the language skills they will need.  International students will be matched with local students that will serve as guides.  The participants will enjoy lunch with their student guides on the high school campus so they can have the opportunity to speak with their peers on topics that are important to them.



Disneyland California is most certainly a land of enchantment where children and the young at heart find that dreams really do come true.  It is simply known as the Happiest Place on Earth!


Universal Studios

Universal Studios offers a mix of real Hollywood moviemaking mixed with incredible attractions. Students will pass real soundstages with movies and shows that are in production. They also experience an earthquake, flash flood, and more through impressive effects and theme park trickery.



We will stroll Hollywood Boulevard, see the Grumman’s Chinese Theater, see the Hollywood sign and visit the Farmer’s Market.

San Francisco

We will learn about the city’s history and witness the diverse culture, beautiful parks, stunning architecture and picturesque views atop an open air bus.  We will visit the world famous Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s wharf and the Exploratorium.  The Exploratorium is a hands on museum that explores science, art and human perception—a vast collection of online experiences that feed your curiosity.

We will have Study Tours during the summer and winter.  Students that participate in a Study Tour will have priority enrollment for the Bridge Program. 

Sample Academic Study Tour Itinerary