Introducing the Bridge Program

The focus of the Bridge Program is to prepare international students for the challenges of an American university.  Entering college is stressful for all students, but international students have additional obstacles to contend with such as mastering the language, social and cultural integration combined with understanding the American school system. 

Many international students address these issues by going to a private high school in the United States or an American school in their home country, but this can be very expensive.  We offer a less expensive alternative of combining course work in the student’s home country with attending an American high school for their senior year.   In addition to saving money, the student will earn an American high school diploma.

Students that are fluent in English and academically prepared will benefit by attending a year of high school in America.  It will help the student understand the nuances of the culture and earn a California high school diploma which results in a number of benefits.

For some international students a single year is all they need to improve their situation.  For others that are not on an American university tract, we will provide the necessary course work to improve their language skills and ensure their academic course work meets or exceeds most American college standards.

The Boost Program

The Boost Program is a condensed version of the Bridge Program.  Students will only attend the second semester of their senior year in the United States.   This abbreviated stay gives the students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the English language and culture to allow them to start college with confidence. 

This program is perfect for international students that want to fine tune their language skills – both verbal and written, interact with American students and teachers to better understand the American school system and to socially adjust to a new culture.  While at the high school, the students will have access to all of the school’s resources such as the college counseling center.  They can help to answer many questions a student may have regarding universities in the United States.

Being a new student at a university is difficult for all students.  But international students have additional challenges.  This program allows them to start their college careers with more confidence.



The advantage of having an American high school diploma:

A U.S. high school diploma will give the student a clear advantage over other international students when applying to U.S. colleges because:

  • Students in American high schools are better equipped to navigate the difficult process of applying to U.S. universities.
  • It shows universities that students have the necessary language skills to succeed in the classroom. 
  • It eliminates any questions of fraud. 
  • Confusion on transcripts is eliminated. 
  • Students enjoy all of the same privileges as US students.  

How does the Bridge Program save me money?

Obtaining an American high school diploma can be expensive.  International students can only attend four years of high school in the United States at a private school.   The cost for tuition alone can exceed $120,000.  Public schools are far more affordable, in most cases under $20,000, but Federal law limits international students to one year.

What are the negatives to private schools in the United States?

In addition to being expensive, private schools often promote religious beliefs opposite of the student’s faith.  Our schools are secular and endorse no religious views.  Private schools frequently accept a high percentage of international students which minimizes the effectiveness of English immersion.  Our schools will not admit more than 12.5% of the student population ensuring an American school experience.

Is this diploma different than a diploma earn by a U.S. resident?  

No, it is exactly the same.

What's the difference if I learn English at home or in the United States?

The most important factor in the student’s success and enjoyment of going to school abroad is the ability to communicate. Complete immersion in English provides the best language training for international students.  Building language skills for the first two years of the Program in your home country and culminating with full English immersion is a great strategy.  Attending a year of high school will allow the student to hone their English skills while understanding American culture.  This will ease the transition to American colleges, while increasing the student’s enjoyment of living and learning in the U.S.

Communication is not limited to speaking or understanding English.  Many students struggle in the areas of reading and writing.  The number of papers to be written and material to be read in college is significant, even for US students.  Constant practice is the best way to overcome these challenges.

How Are Students Selected?

There are a limited number of spaces available. All students are interviewed and screened to place them in the best program possible to meet their needs.  Items we consider are academic standing, age, demonstration of adequate level of proficiency in English and why they want to participate in the program.

What other benefits does the Bridge Program provide?

The ultimate goal of our programs is for student success at the university level. Exposure to American-style instruction will go a long way to help performance in the classroom.  Teaching styles and student expectations can be very different from country to country.  This program will help bridge that gap.

How can I be sure this is the right thing for my child?

Sending a student to a foreign country for college can be a stressful and expensive decision for a family.  This is even harder when the student is only in middle school and the family is unsure whether they should attend an international high school or stay on a domestic path.  This program gives the student the opportunity to pursue both options! 

What is our first step?

Before spending a tremendous amount of time, energy and money on an international college pathway, most families find that participating in a study tour program helps with the decision.  Our study tours are unique in that each student sits in actual high school or middle school classes to experience American schools.  They will visit different high schools and spend time with current students to ask the questions that are important to them.  A portion of the trip will be to help improve English skills , both written and verbal.  Of course, no trip to California is complete without sightseeing!