The Oaks is special housing for the summer programs only.  The Dual Diploma program will partner with local groups that specialize in placing students in the homes of local families.

The Oaks

The Oaks is comprised of six “houses” and is home to approximately 250 students.  All rooms are double occupancy. The floors have separate gendered rooms and bathrooms.  Each community has a central lounge area with a large flat screen TV; a galley with a community refrigerator and microwave; as well as a laundry room.  Wireless internet, and central air are provided throughout the all the Oaks buildings.

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Cable TV

All rooms come already equipped with local/basic cable TV access.  Flat screen TVs with cable service are available in the lounge area.

Internet Service

Students in the residence halls can access the Internet through the housing wireless network. Please note that the residence halls do not have access to hard wired stations.


The University provides housekeeping services in all public areas including bathrooms, lobbies, and lounges Monday through Friday. Residents are responsible for keeping their own room clean.  Bed linen is provided.

It is student’s responsibility to maintain a clean environment. While housekeeping will provide basic services, students are asked to clean-up after themselves and limit excessive trash/messiness in all public areas. Residences, floors, or wings found to have excessive trash or messiness may be charged for extra cleaning services.


Kitchenette facilities are available for use in all halls. The kitchenettes are a shared space and include a microwave, sink, and community refrigerator.  Housekeeping will mop and wipe down kitchen counter tops twice a week. Students are responsible for washing their own dishes.

Laundry Facilities

All of the residence halls are equipped with “Smart” washing machines and dryers. “Smart” machines means that residents will be able to use their debit cards or credit cards to do their laundry. “Cash” laundry options are not available. A wash load costs $1.00 and a dryer load costs $0.75 cents.


There is a common area telephone located on every floor in the residence halls. Student may use these phones to dial campus departments and for emergency purposes.


There will be at least one chaperone for each 20 students.  Students must be in the building before 10:00 pm unless they are participating in a Study Tour event.


Three meals a day will be provided.  Most meals will be served in the University cafeteria.